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Dymond Jewel

Dymond Jewel was born in Washington, DC into a loving family.  From her early years, she showed interest in performing and participated in several performing arts and theatrical programs.  As a child, she performed in school plays, weekend theater, and talent events.  Showing aptitude for the arts, she took piano lessons where she exceeded everyone’s expectations, and won many local awards for her outstanding recitals and performances.  She also played the viola in the DC Youth Orchestra.


Ms. Jewel discovered her gift of writing during high school, where she entered many oratorical and essay contests.  Her writing earned her numerous awards and scholarships for college.  Graduating in the top 5% of her high school class, she was both a scholar and an artist.  In college, she continued this trend as a member of the American University’s gospel choir.  She graduated magna cum laude, class salutatorian, and with distinguished honors from American University. 


During a traumatic time in her life, Dymond found her escape and refuge in spiritual studies.  She delved into topics like spirituality, ascension, and mysticism.  These teachings she now pours into her books, offering myriads of examples for her readers to follow.  Readers relate to her straight-forward style and simple approach, receiving the timeless wisdom embedded in her stories.


Dymond Jewel has an uncanny ability to parlay her many life lessons into jeweled nuggets for her readers.  Her books embed teachings about life in a way that is entertaining and gentle, written for children of all ages.  The values and lessons of the stories stay with the readers long after the books are read. 


Ms. Jewel has written several children’s books for early readers and middle grades, a musical stage play, and is continuously working on new material.  Her vision includes her books as part of classroom values-based school curriculums, her plays on and off-Broadway for children of all ages, and her many books teaching children the wisdom of the ages in entertaining ways.

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