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Dymond Jewel


     Dymond Jewel was born Evette Davis in Washington, DC. She graduated from American University with a Business degree. She also studied performing Arts at Howard University. She has experience not only as a qualified writer, but also as an actor and public speaker.
     Dymond is a parenting expert who has gained much wisdom from raising three wonderful children, mostly as a single parent. She led all her children from public schools to top universities, including Harvard University, and all received honorary scholarships to college. Several of her closest friends have urged her to write books on how she parented 3 children, and successfully raised happy, wholesome, and healthy kids as a single parent.
     Her love of education is especially prevalent and passionate when it comes to reading and writing. She was influenced by her mother, who was an excellent school teacher. Writing has been part of her life for as long as she can remember--rather it was journaling in her diary, writing research papers for school, or creating poetry during spare time. As an adult, she began writing fictional stories for children as a way of providing guidance and mentoring for them. As an author, she shares her sense of humor, joys of parenting, and her gift of storytelling through the pages of her books. Readers will relate to the characters in the story, and through them understand more about themselves. The books focus on universal values and life lessons in a way that entertains and enlightens children of all ages 

      She completed her first children’s book series last year.  Her books are mostly written for children, filled with the wisdom of the ages. She continues to share knowledge with her readers not only through the books and plays that she writes, but also through her Storytime YouTube Channel, her Facebook Page, and her speaking engagements. Contact Dymond to be your next Podcast guest or speaker for your next event.  

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