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Books  for  Kids!


Written by a School Teacher....Shared with Love 💚

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“The Adventures of Sunny” takes young readers on a journey in the life of Sunny, an adventurous and curious kid.  Sunny wants more than anything to grow up and be like the big people around him, but he must first appreciate just being himself.  

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Sunny - Too Little, Too Young  Book 1

After arriving home from the hospital, Sunny notices that he cannot do the same things as the big people in his family.  Sunny may be small, but it doesn’t stop him from being curious and inquisitive about his surroundings.  Follow along with Sunny as he discovers what it’s like to be too little and too young to do many things.

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Dinner Time with Sunny   Book 2

Sunny, the smallest family member, is anxious to do “big people” things.  During dinner, Sunny is stuck in his high chair and cannotreachMomma’s home-cooked food like the others. But there’s one thing his small size is just perfect for!  Before the night is over, Sunny finds satisfaction in being just his size.

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Sunny Discovers Holes   Book 3 

Sunny is growing up fast!  He is quite curious, and discovers something very interesting.  Sunny discovers holes!  They’re mysterious and magical, endless, and everywhere!  Some holes are big while others are small.  And before the book is finished, Sunny discovers the scariest hole of all! 

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Sunny Goes to Nursery School  Book 4

Growing up is tricky for Sunny.  Just when he was finally getting used to being too small and too young, he is now too big and too old for many things! Sunny now has a new adventure --going to school for the first time.  Join Sunny as he navigates new adventures in nursery school!

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Sunny Turns Five  Book 5 

Everybody loves birthdays!  Come along as we see Sunny get prepped and prepared for his big day!  What will he wish for?  Will his wishes come true?  Participate with Sunny and share your birthday wishes, too. 

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